Kent History Centre Archives
User Group

The Kent History Centre Archives User Group was a pressure group which ran from 2013 to June 2018.

Founded to improve the experience for archives users at the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone  members met regularly meet management at KHLC to exchange information on matters of shared interest to the benefit of both Archive Users and Management and put across the point of view of archive users. Taking into consideration the changes achieved, the proposed founding of a an archives friends group  it was decided in June 2018 that the group had achieved its main aims; that of making the new history centre a more user-friendly place.

Among other things the user group  succeeded in achieving the following:

  • Re-introduction of the much missed paper catalogues and indexes into the search room, such as the Gordon Ward Index and the U (Unofficial) Collections. These make a welcome addition to the online catalogue which is not yet complete.
  • Encouraging and advising on the updating of the archives user guides on the KHLC website, changes to the online catalogue and to the layout of the archives such as the re-siting of microfilm readers to reduce glare from sunlight
  • Providing sets of questions and scenarios to be used for staff training